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Welcome to Troop 857!

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Are you in uniform?

Posted on May 1 2022 - 7:11pm

As a universal symbol of scouting, the Official BSA Uniform is known for lasting through countless adventures and bringing Scouts together with a common thread. Prepare for the adventures ahead with the official Scouts BSA Uniform!

New Scout Guide to Merit Badges

Posted on Apr 19 2022 - 5:55pm

See the link below for a great step by step guide to merit badges.



Merit Badge Counselors Needed

Posted on Apr 12 2022 - 2:25pm

If you are interested in helping out and sharing your talents with the Troop please consider being a merit badge counselor.    You can find descriptions of current merit badges here:  https://www.boyscouttrail.com/boy-scouts/merit-badges.asp

Family Life Merit Badge

Posted on Sep 27 2021 - 6:37am

Last week we worked on the Family Life Merit Badge (Eagle Required)

To finish this out you need to track your 5 chores for 90 days, hold a family meeting and plan and complete a family project.  Please review the family project with Ms. Michelle prior to starting.

Advancement Tips for Scouts and Parents

Posted on Jan 14 2020 - 8:16pm

Troop Advancement Guidelines:

  • The Troop Advancement Guidelines will help new scouts get a good start on the trail to Eagle.
  • All parents of new scouts should review with your scout.

Board of Review:

Renew your link between KrogerPlus Card and Troop 857 in April. Help the troop through Kroger Community Rewards program.

Posted on Jan 14 2020 - 8:15pm

Kroger Community Rewards

Renew your link between KrogerPlus Card and Troop 857 in April. Step by step instructions are in the attachment and in the "Files" section of the troop website.

Giving More Back to the Community!

Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards.



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